Why FASTag is Important?

Why FASTag is Important?

FASTag has been gaining traction ever since it came into existence in India. Initiated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH) in October, 2017, it was introduced as a solution to eliminate the concept of physical transaction at the toll booth. This solution turned out to be much more effective as it speeded up the vehicle movement at toll booths.

By October 2019, MoRTH had issued a notification to Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) that they make it mandatory for vehicles to own a FASTag in order to renew its fitness certificate.

For customers purchasing new vehicles after December 2017, it was crucial for them to have a FASTag, in order to get their vehicle registered. Dealers and manufacturers were themselves providing FASTag cards along with the new vehicle.

FASTag is also becoming necessary for vehicles purchased before December, 2017.
According to the most recent announcement made in November, 2020 by the Ministry, all vehicles purchased before December 2017, should possess a FASTag card wef from January, 2021. Additionally, there will be a deadline for all these vehicles to buy a FASTag card before April, 2021.

How does a FASTag work?

FASTag is a card-like device affixed on the windscreen of your car which uses a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. While the vehicle passes through the toll booth, the card is automatically detected and scanned, debiting the required amount from your FASTag account.
Presently FASTag is operational in 407 toll booths across National and State highways of India.

Benefits of FASTag

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